Applications Area Directorate Review Process

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Reviews from APPSDIR members do not, in and of themselves, cause the IESG to block a document. The reviews may, however, convince individual IESG members to block a document.

Assignments and Deadlines

Assignments are usually sent out weekly near the end of the week.

The member at the top of the queue with the required expertise is chosen. If the member does not acknowledge the assignment within two working days, the next person in line will be asked to perform the review. Please feel free to decline if you consider that you do not have the expertise required for the review.

Please try to complete reviews before the due date. If there is a Last Call, please complete the review before the end of the Last Call to allow the authors time to respond to comments. If you need more time, please contact the Team Lead as soon as possible.

As a general rule, reviews should be submitted by the Friday before the IESG Evaluation date (telechat) so that the Application Area Directors have sufficient time to read them. Reviews after the IESG Evaluation date (telechat) are not useful, but check the draft tracker to see if the document has been deferred.

The assignment is for the latest revision of the draft. You can find the latest version of a draft by using the search tool at

What to Look For

The most important item is to give the Apps ADs a sense of how important it is that they pay attention to the document.


Once you have been assigned a document, you are generally expected to stay with that document through completion, even if additional reviewers are assigned. When a document is revised, look to see if the draft has changed since the last review and briefly let the Apps ADs know if any identified showstopper problems have been fixed or still remain (please Cc the Team Lead as well, for tracking).

Where to send reviews

Suggested distribution list for reviews:


Note: The review is only copied to the IESG if a Last Call has been issued. If your review recommends significant changes to a Working Group draft, you should also consider copying the Working Group's mailing list. The Working Group's mailing list MUST be included if you are performing an "early review" upon WG request, which was asked either directly of via the dir-coord@… mailing list.

You may send to ietf@… instead of (or in addition to) the IESG, if you prefer.

Review format

Reviews typically take the format described in the template.

Please use a subject line such as APPSDIR review of draft-name-version-num


It is expected that two reviews will be assigned to each member each month.

Taking a break

A member might be on going on holiday or changing jobs. Please notify the Team Lead in advance so that the review can be assigned to another member. If you are busy, please email the Team Lead. While we're happy to accommodate your schedule, more notice will make it easier to reassign the review to someone else.

On Leave

IAB, IAOC and IESG members are placed on leave. That excludes the them from performing reviews. Outgoing IAB, IAOC and IESG members are placed on leave until the next two IETF meetings as they need a vacation.

Feel free to ask

If you have any question or something is not clear, feel free to email the Team Lead.

Joint Review Experiment

(a) Assignment to first reviewer

(b) First reviewer acks assignment

(c) First reviewer contacts another reviewer from the team

(d) Second reviewer acks

(e) Joint review performed

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