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IETF Applications Area Directorate

The IETF Applications Area Directorate provides support to the Area Directors for the IETF Applications Area and is tasked to:

  • perform document reviews as requested by the Application Area Directors
  • perform early document reviews as requested by the Working Group Chairs
  • identify work in other IETF Areas that have an impact on or are similar to technologies produced in the Applications Area
  • make sure that technologies developed in the Applications Area or about which Application Area participants have expertise (URIs/IRIs, MIME, XML, IDNA, Stringprep, etc.) are used appropriately in other areas.
  • determine the impact on Applications Area work on technologies produced in other areas (DNS, TLS, SASL, etc.).
  • sort out layering issues and preserve a clear division of responsibilities among various application protocols.
  • maintain high standards of application-layer security, ensure close attention to issues of internationalization and localization, etc.

Area Directors being advised: Barry Leiba

The Applications Area Directorate consists of Working Group Chairs of the Applications Area and recognized experts in the Applications Area. The reviews performed are semi-formal. The team uses the members-only appsdir mailing list for internal discussion, but reviews are posted to the public mailing list apps-discuss. Reviews typically take the form described in the template. A tracker page provides a history of completed reviews.

There are usually two kind of reviews: the ones which are performed when the IETF Last Call is issued, and the "early reviews" which the WG chairs are encouraged to ask when a document becomes stable enough.

To request a review, please contact one of the following:

  • Eliot Lear, the Apps Dir Team Lead
  • the Applications Area Directors

List of Reviews and Pending Reviews

To check the FULL LIST OF REVIEWS just click HERE.

Information for document authors

The comments in an Applications Area Directorate review do not bear more weight than a comment submitted by an individual during a Last Call. Document authors might find the information at useful.

Information for reviewers

The most important item is to give the Applications Area Directors a sense of how important it is that they pay attention to the document. More information about the review process is available at


NameExpertiseWGs ChairingApps WGs TrackingNon-Apps WGs Tracking
Claudio AllocchioMessaging, application security, collaboration, user interfaces, advanced interactive multimedia-eai,appsawg,repute,sieve,marfradext,tls,codec
Carsten BormannABNF, compression (data/header), constrained nodes/networks, encoding, IPv6, JSON, markup languages, mobile code, time, XML, XSLTcorehttpbis, hybi, websec-
Tim BrayXML, Unicode, Atom, HTTP, mobile issues, identity-webauth, jose-
Eric BurgerSecurity, messaging, multimedia, social networking--mile, rtcweb, sidr, alto
Dave CridlandEmail, XMPP---
Dave CrockerMessaging, XMPP, application configuration, security, interactive multi-media, mobility, P2P, ABNF, MIME, DNS---
Martin DürstInternationalization, XML, URIs/IRIs, HTTP, HTML---
Tobias GondromSecurity, application security, Privacy, Internationalization (i18n), Unicode, HTML, XMLwebsec--
Bert GreevenboschM2M, JSON, vCard, security-core, jcardcal, scimclue, jose, lwig, mmusic, rtcweb
Vijay GurbaniSIP, P2P technologies, Security, Multimedia, Social networkingalto, cuss--
Tony HansenMail, URIs, XML, JSON, HTTP, MIME, SASL, ABNF, i18n-appsawg, weirds, httpbis, precis, repute, sieve, websecrtcweb, jose, mile, dane, saag
Ted HardieURIs/URNs, internationalization, IRIS & EPP, HTTP, WebDAV, processrtcweb--
John Klensin (on leave)Messaging, internationalization, publishing---
Murray S. KucherawyMessaging, security, ABNF, DNS, MIMEappsawg, dboundeai, httpbis, precis, sieve, weirdsdnsop, v6ops, geopriv, rtcweb, xmpp, dane, jose, mile, oauth
Yves LafonHTTP, XML---
Eliot Lear (Team Lead)Mail, calendaring, timezones/timestamping, firewall traversal, social networking, federated-identity--abfab,lisp,tsvwg,mpls
Barry Leiba (on leave IESG)Messaging, vCard, social networking, securityArea Directorappsawg, core, httpbis, hybi, marf, urnbis, websec, eai, sieve, spfbis, vcarddavjose, oauth, rtcweb, saag
Orit Levinreal time communications, privacy of datauta-tls, dane
John LevineEmail, i18n---
Salvatore LoretoRealtime communication, transport, P2Phybi, soccore, httpbis, websecdcon, dispatch, sipcore, simple, rtcweb
Allison MankinDNS, latency sensitivity, transporty stuff---
Alexey MelnikovMessaging, calendaring, security, ABNFappsawg, mile--
Enrico MaroccoP2P technologies and realtime communicationsalto, cuss--
Larry MasinterWeb, HTTP, HTML, URI, IRI, URI schemes, XML, registries, MIME type registrations, policy, IETF/W3C-appsawg, httpbis, iri, urn, websec-
S. MoonesamySMTP, DNS, MIME, HTTP, IPv6-appsawg,eai, httpbis, hybi, repute, urnbis, websec6man, dnsext, dnsop, intarea, mile, rtcweb, sidr, dane, jose, oauth, tls, behave, sunset4, v6ops
Mark NottinghamHTTP, Atom, URIs, Web, XMLhttpbis--
Glenn ParsonsMessaging, voice, fax, multimedia---
Ray PolkWeb, HTTP, MIME, rels, JSON-appsawg, httpbis, websec, urn, jcardcal, jsonhttp-auth, jose, oauth, link-relations, media-types
Julian ReschkeHTTP, WebDAV, Atom Pub, Link Relations, XML, URI schemes, URN namespaces, ABNF, HTML-iri, httpbis, hybi-
Pete ResnickMessaging (SMTP/XMPP), Data formats (MIME/vCard/HTML), ABNF, i18n.---
Peter Saint-Andre (resigned on 2014-01-14) XMPP, messaging, XML, schemas, security-allabfab, codec, dane, dcon, kitten, oauth, pkix, rtcweb, simple, tls, xmpp
Henry S. ThompsonXML schema languages, XSLT, XML processing/pipelines, URIs, naming on the Web, Semantic Web theory and Web Architecture, markup languages-appsawg, httpbis, iri, urn-
Martin ThomsonXML schema, HTTP, Web, Real-Time Communication, Service Discovery, (Geo)Location, ABNF-httpbisrtcweb,ecrit,geopriv,mmusic
He XuanM2M, IPv6, constrained networks-core6lowpan, lwig, roll
Jiankang YaoInternationalization, DNS---
Joseph YeeEmail, Internationalization, DNS---
Yoshiro YoneyaDNS, Internationalizationprecis--