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    1 = IETF Applications Area Directorate =
    3 The IETF Applications Area Directorate provides support to the Area Directors for the [ IETF Applications Area] and is tasked to:
    5  - perform document reviews as requested by the Application Area Directors
    7  - perform early document reviews as requested by the Working Group Chairs
    9  - identify work in other IETF Areas that have an impact on or are similar to
    10    technologies produced in the Applications Area
    12  - make sure that technologies developed in the Applications Area or about which
    13    Application Area participants have expertise (URIs/IRIs, MIME, XML, IDNA,
    14    Stringprep, etc.) are used appropriately in other areas.
    16  - determine the impact on Applications Area work on technologies produced in
    17    other areas (DNS, TLS, SASL, etc.).
    19  - sort out layering issues and preserve a clear division of responsibilities
    20    among various application protocols.
    22  - maintain high standards of application-layer security, ensure close attention
    23    to issues of internationalization and localization, etc.
    25 Area Directors being advised:  Barry Leiba
    27 The Applications Area Directorate consists of Working Group Chairs of the Applications Area and recognized experts in the Applications Area.  The reviews performed are semi-formal.  The team uses the members-only [ appsdir] mailing list for internal discussion, but reviews are posted to the public mailing list [ apps-discuss].  Reviews typically take the form described in the [wiki:template]. A [wiki:tracker tracker page] provides a history of completed reviews.
    29 There are usually two kind of reviews: the ones which are performed when the IETF Last Call is issued, and the "early reviews" which the WG chairs are encouraged to ask when a document becomes stable enough.
    31 To request a review, please contact one of the following:
    32  - [ Eliot Lear], the Apps Dir Team Lead
    33  - the [ Applications Area Directors]
    35 == List of Reviews and Pending Reviews ==
    37 To check the [wiki:tracker FULL LIST OF REVIEWS] just click [wiki:tracker HERE].
    39 == Information for document authors ==
    41 The comments in an Applications Area Directorate review do not bear more weight than a comment submitted by an individual during a Last Call.  Document authors might find the information at useful.
    43 == Information for reviewers ==
    45 The most important item is to give the Applications Area Directors a sense of how important it is that they pay attention to the document.  More information about the review process is available at
    47 == Members ==
    49 ||'''Name'''||'''Expertise'''||'''WGs Chairing'''||'''Apps WGs Tracking'''||'''Non-Apps WGs Tracking'''||
    50 ||Claudio Allocchio||Messaging, application security, collaboration, user interfaces, advanced interactive multimedia||-||eai,appsawg,repute,sieve,marf||radext,tls,codec||
    51 ||Carsten Bormann||ABNF, compression (data/header), constrained nodes/networks, encoding, IPv6, JSON, markup languages, mobile code, time, XML, XSLT||core||httpbis, hybi, websec||-||
    52 ||Tim Bray||XML, Unicode, Atom, HTTP, mobile issues, identity||-||webauth, jose||-||
    53 ||Eric Burger||Security, messaging, multimedia, social networking||-||-||mile, rtcweb, sidr, alto||
    54 ||Dave Cridland||Email, XMPP||-||-||-||
    55 ||Dave Crocker||Messaging, XMPP, application configuration, security, interactive multi-media, mobility, P2P, ABNF, MIME, DNS||-||-||-||
    56 ||Martin Dürst||Internationalization, XML, URIs/IRIs, HTTP, HTML||-||-||-||
    57 ||Tobias Gondrom||Security, application security, Privacy, Internationalization (i18n), Unicode, HTML, XML||websec||-||-||
    58 ||Bert Greevenbosch||M2M, JSON, vCard, security||-||core, jcardcal, scim||clue, jose, lwig, mmusic, rtcweb||
    59 ||Vijay Gurbani||SIP, P2P technologies, Security, Multimedia, Social networking||''alto, cuss''||-||-||
    60 ||Tony Hansen||Mail, URIs, XML, JSON, HTTP, MIME, SASL, ABNF, i18n||-||appsawg, weirds, httpbis, precis, repute, sieve, websec||rtcweb, jose, mile, dane, saag||
    61 ||Ted Hardie||URIs/URNs, internationalization, IRIS & EPP, HTTP, WebDAV, process||''rtcweb''||-||-||
    62 ||John Klensin (on leave)||Messaging, internationalization, publishing||-||-||-||
    63 ||Murray S. Kucherawy||Messaging, security, ABNF, DNS, MIME||appsawg, dbound||eai, httpbis, precis, sieve, weirds||dnsop, v6ops, geopriv, rtcweb, xmpp, dane, jose, mile, oauth||
    64 ||Yves Lafon||HTTP, XML||-||-||-||
    65 ||Eliot Lear (Team Lead)||Mail, calendaring, timezones/timestamping, firewall traversal, social networking, federated-identity||-||-||abfab,lisp,tsvwg,mpls||
    66 ||Barry Leiba (on leave IESG)||Messaging, vCard, social networking, security||Area Director||appsawg, core, httpbis, hybi, marf, urnbis, websec, eai, sieve, spfbis, vcarddav||jose, oauth, rtcweb, saag||
    67 ||Orit Levin||real time communications, privacy of data||uta||-||tls, dane||
    68 ||John Levine||Email, i18n||-||-||-||
    69 ||Salvatore Loreto||Realtime communication, transport, P2P||hybi, ''soc''||core, httpbis, websec||dcon, dispatch, sipcore, simple, rtcweb||
    70 ||Allison Mankin||DNS, latency sensitivity, transporty stuff||-||-||-||
    71 ||Alexey Melnikov||Messaging, calendaring, security, ABNF||appsawg, ''mile''||-||-||
    72 ||Enrico Marocco||P2P technologies and realtime communications||''alto, cuss''||-||-||
    73 ||Larry Masinter||Web, HTTP, HTML, URI, IRI, URI schemes, XML, registries, MIME type registrations, policy, IETF/W3C||-||appsawg, httpbis, iri, urn, websec||-||
    74 ||S. Moonesamy||SMTP, DNS, MIME, HTTP, IPv6||-||appsawg,eai, httpbis, hybi, repute, urnbis, websec||||6man, dnsext, dnsop, intarea, mile, rtcweb, sidr, dane, jose, oauth, tls, behave, sunset4, v6ops||
    75 ||Mark Nottingham||HTTP, Atom, URIs, Web, XML||httpbis||-||-||
    76 ||Glenn Parsons||Messaging, voice, fax, multimedia||-||-||-||
    77 ||Ray Polk||Web, HTTP, MIME, rels, JSON||-||appsawg, httpbis, websec, urn, jcardcal, json||http-auth, jose, oauth, link-relations, media-types||
    78 ||Julian Reschke||HTTP, WebDAV, Atom Pub, Link Relations, XML, URI schemes, URN namespaces, ABNF, HTML||-||iri, httpbis, hybi||-||
    79 ||Pete Resnick||Messaging (SMTP/XMPP), Data formats (MIME/vCard/HTML), ABNF, i18n.||-||-||-||
    80 ||Peter Saint-Andre (resigned on 2014-01-14) ||XMPP, messaging, XML, schemas, security||-||all||abfab, codec, dane, dcon, kitten, oauth, pkix, rtcweb, simple, tls, xmpp||
    81 ||Henry S. Thompson||XML schema languages, XSLT, XML processing/pipelines, URIs, naming on the Web, Semantic Web theory and Web Architecture, markup languages||-||appsawg, httpbis, iri, urn||-||
    82 ||Martin Thomson||XML schema, HTTP, Web, Real-Time Communication, Service Discovery, (Geo)Location, ABNF||-||httpbis||rtcweb,ecrit,geopriv,mmusic||
    83 ||He Xuan||M2M, IPv6, constrained networks||-||core||6lowpan, lwig, roll||
    84 ||Jiankang Yao||Internationalization, DNS||-||-||-||
    85 ||Joseph Yee||Email, Internationalization, DNS||-||-||-||
    86 ||Yoshiro Yoneya||DNS, Internationalization||precis||-||-||
     1The RAI area has merged with the APP area to become ART. Please see []