The 6LowApp activity of the IETF coordinates work in the IETF to specify application (as well as possibly transport, security and operations) protocols for constrained nodes and networks, the Wireless Embedded Internet.

6LowApp is not itself an IETF Working Group, but is intended to result in the creation of IETF Working Groups. In the 6LowApp activity, definition of work will be carried out as well as initial work leading up to specifications.

CoRE Working Group

The first result of the 6lowapp activity has been the CoRE working group, which met for the first time at IETF77.

Please see for more information about the CoRE WG.

The CoRE Wiki is at — contributions are welcome.


6LowApp was kicked off in the BarBofs/IETF75/6LowApp "Bar BOF" at IETF 75 in Stockholm. During this successful bar BOF, five areas of interest were identified: Application Protocols, Service Discovery, Transport, Security and Data Representation.

At IETF76, 6LowApp had a quite successful BOF (in the IETF, this is a special meeting in the process of creating a working group). Minutes are being generated. For now, the materials for that meeting can be found at:

Mailing List

The 6lowapp@… mailing list here has been shut down in favor of the CoRE mailing list.


Contribution to the 6LowApp effort, and especially towards the formation of the new Application area working group, is encouraged. The best way to contribute is to write an Internet Draft and discuss on the 6lowapp mailing list.

More Resources

6LowApp problem statement: draft-bormann-6lowpan-6lowapp-problem
Slides from the IETF-75 BarBof

SENSEI 6lowapp Requirements: draft-gold-6lowapp-sensei
Smart Energy Requirements for 6LowApp: draft-sturek-6lowapp-smartenergy
Commercial Building Applications Requirements: draft-martocci-6lowapp-building-applications

Compressed HTTP over PANs: draft-frank-6lowapp-chopan
IPFIX for Wireless Sensors: draft-schmitt-6lowapp-ipfix-ws
Efficient XML Encoding and 6LowApp: draft-shelby-6lowapp-encoding-00
Motivation for SIP as an application protocol: draft-roychowdhury-6lowappsip
Extensible Presentation Language (XPL) and Type Resolution Protocol (XPL/TRP): draft-ryanpitt-6lowapp-xpl
SNMP optimizations for 6LoWPAN: draft-hamid-6lowpan-snmp-optimizations
CoAP Feature Analysis: draft-shelby-6lowapp-coap

Service Discovery for 6LowApp: draft-sturek-6lowapp-servicediscovery
Coupling of Service and Neighbor Discovery in 6LowPAN: draft-manner-6lowapp-sdnd
Simple Service Location Protocol (SSLP) for 6LoWPAN: draft-daniel-6lowpan-sslp
DPWS for 6LoWPAN: draft-moritz-6lowapp-dpws-enhancements
SOAP over CoAP: draft-moritz-core-soap-over-coap

Security Architectural Design Considerations draft-struik-6lowapp-security-considerations
Initial Configuration of Resource-Constrained Devices draft-oflynn-6lowapp-bootstrapping

BOF at IETF-76 Hiroshima

The 6LowApp BOF was held in Hiroshima with the goal to form a new Application area working group called Constrained RESTful Environments (CoRE). This new group will focus on Application Protocol and Application Commissioning work.

Slides are at

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