Signaling Design Team

NOTE: This team completed its work when was approved for publication as a Proposed Standard RFC. It is currently in the RFC Editor's queue waiting for normative references to be approved.

Mailing list: anima-signaling@…


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Editors: Brian Carpenter <brian.e.carpenter@…> and Bing Liu <leo.liubing@…>.

Please refer to the Design page for common guidelines to join, contribute and be recognized in the design team.

Signaling Design Team Charter

Signaling Requirements

Signaling Open Issues

Signaling API


Infrastructure ASAs

There's a related Github repository for the protocol draft.

There is an open source prototype implementation in Python 3 (corresponding to at Start by looking at the PDF files, especially graspy.pdf.

There is an obsolete prototype implementation in C (corresponding to, not the latest version) at Note that it comes with an evaluation-only license, it is not fully open-source code.

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