Bootstrap Design Team

Mailing list: anima-bootstrap@…

The mailing list is open (not restricted to contributing members of the team).


Join via:

Charter: Bootstrap Design Team Charter

Please refer to the [WikiStart] page for common guides to join, contribute and be recognized in the design team.

Current Drafts:

Team Members:

    Max Pritikin (editor), 
    Michael Richardson (editor)

    Jason Coleman, 
    Sandeep Kumar, 
    Michael Behringer, 
    Alper Yegin, 
    Bing Liu, 
    Brian Carpenter
    Kent Watson

    Sheng Jiang (wg chair), 
    Toerless Eckert (wg chair)

Meeting etherpad

Bootstrap work in other working groups

bootrapping-across-wgs-backup Wiki Backup, just in case etherpad gets messed up. Do not use!

Recurring Meeting

Please send email to mcharlesr@… if you want to receive a calendar invite.

Weekly IETF webex invite by Michael Richardson <mcr+ietf@…> recurring Tue 1500 UTC.

"webex" is at:

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